About ReCal

ReCal is a student-made course selection tool for Princeton students.

The TigerApps Team actively maintains and upgrades ReCal.

Meet The Team


Naphat Sanguansin

Known as "Krit" by his close friends, Naphat is a Computer Science student and a member of Princeton's class of 2016. He's interested in writing formally correct code enforced by explicit invariants. When he is not coding, Naphat spends his time running at the gym and reading up on current technologies, as well as following and eagering awaiting the next Star Wars film.


Dyland Xue

Dyland is a senior at Princeton majoring in Computer Science. He’s interested in solving hard problems such as Tetris and the Rubik’s Cube. In his spare time, Dyland enjoys chess, photography, and running.


Maxim Zaslavsky

Maxim is a Computer Science student at Princeton. He's most interested in applying the tools of computer science to problems in other fields -- especially neuroscience, economics, and biology. He spends his free time reading and playing music. He was PM of the original Recal COS 333 project at Princeton. Get in touch at www.maximz.com.


Dr. Robert Dondero

COS Independent Work advisor for Dyland and Naphat, Fall 14-15

Raghav Sethi

Spring 13-14 COS 333 TA advisor for the original 333 ReCal project (different content, same name)

Professor Brian Kernighan

Spring 13-14 COS 333 instructor

Travis Perlee '14

Part of the original 333 ReCal project (different content, same name)

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